Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What to do in Dallas

With the holidays here, I have a little more free time.  I was lucky enough to have a job in Dallas (my hometown and where I will spend the holidays) this past week.  I can't tell you how happy I was that I didn't have to try and fly in from NY this week.

Many of my favorite people live here and when I am in town we go out for dinner often.  Which always ends up in too much eating and drinking.  This year I'm trying to keep the nights out to a minimum.  So now I'm left with finding ways to entertain myself and stay out of trouble.

In comes my friend, photographer, Scott Slusher.  We email back and forth about my being here and trying to figure out a time to play.  Ends up tonight was the night.  What a fun night it was.

We started out thinking we'd do some nice clean beauty on the lovely new face Ariana Fowler.  Such a doll and wonderful to work with.  With her great skin I only needed a touch of the 3 Custom Color cream concealer a bit of the Moon Beam highligter from Benefit Cosmetics , some LORAC TANtalizer on the body, some lashes and contour, then a bit of a nude lip from Make Up For Ever.  For the hair, a little Moroccan Oil Curl Control Creme and quite a few bobby pins and we had our first look. Which we shot...

at first...

Our friend Jay Evers had been working a job on the set next to us and had just wrapped up after we got the first look finished.  He came in like a Texas tornado and started constructing amazing backgrounds in lightning speed.  Next he was pulling some fabrics and and props from his kit and we had a whole new story.

I think it was my favorite from the evening.  This is just shot with my iPhone before the light was even set.  Now I'm dying to see how this one turns out.

I love coming home to play!!!

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  1. Sooooo pretty. I wish I had you as a team to make me feel that heavenly!!!!