Tuesday, December 28, 2010

To marcel or not to marcel?

I love my marcel irons.  But I also have been playing with my talented hair artist friend's no clip curling irons. It's been over a year now that I've been considering adding these to my kits.  But I still haven't made the plunge

So far my favorites have been Enzo Milano's cone clipless irons  Having to travel so much and just going up and down the subway steps, I prefer to have as little in my kit as possible.  This iron helps with it's cone shape.  Basically you are getting two different sized irons in one if you only use part of the barrel.  But this is only good if the model has shoulder length or shorter hair.  When you get into longer hair you have to use smaller sections so that your curl is consistent and I don't always want small sections.

Next, I did a little playing around with the Amika 3P Professional Styling Set.  It's genius that you have one base with three different barrels.  But I've noticed some difficulty when attaching and detaching the barrels.  Granted this will save a ton of space in my kit, but I don't trust having only one base.  My fear is that the base will go out on me when I'm on a location in a city that only leaves me with a Walgreens.  And Conair or Redken aren't going to cut it. 

The Flat iron that is included in the kit is a nice touch, but you won't be able to pry my GHD flat iron from my cold dead hands.  ( That is unless I find something better - which I haven't)

Now I see Sephora is carrying another version of the clipless iron.  The Sultra Bombshell.  But so far I've only seen the 1" carried.  And I use my 1" iron a lot.  But I need a variety of sizes.  And I haven't had my hands on this one.

I wish I could try out all three for more than just one day.  But when trying out new things, I do so on my friends.  Not even creative tests and in no way on jobs.  Are there any friends out there that want to purchase these and let me do your hair? ;)

And in no way am I giving up my marcels totally.  I don't think any of the brands I've found offer every size I need.  Still, I'm always looking for ways to condense my kit and save my back.


  1. I have the Amika, and I like them. They aren't too difficult to change out once you get used to them. But, I still carry my marcels too. The clipless iron just gives a different look.

  2. Those curling irons with a glove look really dumb. Like people who can't manage a REAL curling iron or just another cheezy ass gimmick. Booo.